Мод Integrated Tunnels для 1.10.2

Integrated Tunnels Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2 transfers items, fluids and energy over your Integrated Dynamics networks. This mod adds 3 part types for the different transport types, namely Importers, Exporters and Interfaces. Like Integrated Dynamics, this mod is fully compatible with MCMultiPart. Regarding energy, it can transfer Forge Energy, Tesla and RF.

Integrated Tunnels Mod

You can use ID logic to configure filters, which can be as complex as you desire. “I want to send 3 enchantable pickaxes with a damage value less than 10 to this chest every tick” or “I want to fill this tank until it has 1000mB of oil, but only when my machine is working and if I have less than 10 iron ingots in this chest” No problem! Integrated Tunnels can do that for you, and it will do it efficiently as well!

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