Мод Air Support для minecraft 1.10.2

Air Support Mod 1.10.2 — это мод, который позволит игрокам вызывать ящики с небес, которые падают на парашютах для привлечения игроков на сервере майнкрафт.

Air Support Mod 1.10.2 is a mod that players can use to call Air Drop Crates that float down on parachutes for adventure packs and alternative survival gameplay styles. There are 3 different Drops that can be called down using Remote Controls, Utility, Health and Live Stock. There are configuration options for custom drops, custom mob spawning and some special surprises.

Extra Features:

Advanced World Spawning Removal: In the configuration file there is an option to remove Vanilla Mobs from spawning in the world. This has been added to implement the function of the livestock crates in survival and hardcore worlds. All Vanilla mobs can be removed from all biomes (works with BOP). Mobs spawned from blocks, spawners and structures will still spawn. This function only removes natural spawns from biomes.
Grief Drops: If this option is enabled there is a chance when a player uses a remote that either TNT or Zombies on Parachutes will spawn. The chance of this is configurable with lower numbers making it more likely. If the Player Raiders mod By GenDeathrow is installed then the Zombies are replaced by mobs from the Player Raiders mod.

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